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Trained on the world’s largest quantitative mass spec dataset and built upon our Large Spectral Model (LSM), PyxisTM deep-learns how to map raw mass spec data to absolute concentrations. Harnessing a set of universal calibrants called StandardCandlesTM, Pyxis produces untargeted absolute quantitative results in minutes, without expertise or manual data processing.

How it Works

Vials in a line

Standardized consumables
for sample preparation and LC-MS methods

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Acquire data
on your own instrument

Computer monitor with data on screen

Cloud-enabled software
for automated raw data processing

What Makes Pyxis Unique

Illustrated magnifying glassUntargeted: ability to broadly identify and quantify as many features as possible from raw untargeted data

Illustrated bar graphQuantitative: absolute quantitation makes it possible to compare data across samples, experiments, studies, and even across laboratories

Illustrated stopwatchFast: results allow for decision as soon as data acquisition is complete

Illustrated cog in motionAutomated: no need for PhD-level expertise to manually curate features and analyze data

Illustrated double sided arrow inside a squareScalable: a small set of universal methods and standards replaces laborious method development and calibrations that yield limited analytical coverage

Illustrated arrows forming a circleReproducible: a single sample preparation kit and software pipeline to ensure uniformity and standardization



Pyxis Hydra: Identify and quantify hundreds of HILIC compatible analytes with an uncertainty range for each analyte and concentration. Broad quantitative annotation of untargeted LC-MS samples. Ideal applications include microbiome science, drug discovery, and biomarker discovery.
Pyxis Vela: Rapid, accurate, and precise absolute quantitation of the key indicators for healthy cell functioning. Ideal applications include bioprocessing, synthetic biology, media analysis, and drug development.
Computer monitor with data moving. on screen

Web Application

Fast & Automated Data Processing: Our cloudbased application streamlines data workflows with rapid, automated processing
Secure Infrastructure: Secure data storage and transfer
Scalable Sample Handling: Analyze up to 384 samples in under 15 minutes
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Consumables and Methods for Rapid Deployment

Easy setup and onboarding
Consumables, standardized sample preparation, and LC-MS methods ensure uniformity
StandardCandles: Universal calibrators replace isotopically labeled individual standards, thereby broadening analytical coverage


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Pyxis Product Brochure

A product brochure that details Pyxis application areas, function, and technology along with a list of recent publications.



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Using Pyxis for the Characterization of Microbiome Function

An application brief explaining how Pyxis can be used for absolute quantitation of untargeted small-molecule messenger analytes to elucidate microbiome function.



Image of Absolute Quantification of Key Cellular Metabolites in Bioprocessing Samples Using Machine Learning

Absolute Quantification of Key Cellular Metabolites in Bioprocessing Samples Using Machine Learning

Luke Ferro, PhD, gives a short poster overview of a collaboration between Matterworks and Eli Lilly for the quantification of metabolites from bioreactors


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